Are Business Card Printing Still Useful in 2020?

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As of the 15th century, business card printing have been a valuable business tool. Believe it or not, business card printing is still useful this year. Imagine those situations where a person accidentally found a business card in his wallet that solved his problems? Those are the moments that translate into sales with the help of one small piece of card.

Therefore, we can, indeed, say that business card printing is still useful this year. They say that online marketing is the best tool today, but never underestimate the power of business cards. Handling out your business cards is a better way of getting more direct and confirmed contacts calling your company. Even as other business areas go physical, the business card is a traditional worldwide mainstay.

Are you already on your way to look for a local printing company for your business card printing? If yes, give us a call now. If not, continue reading further to know why you need business cards. We will provide you with some reasons why business card printing is still useful in the modern day of marketing. 

Why Business Card Printing is Still Useful in 2020?

The Chinese used “calling cards” hundreds of years ago to inform people they wanted to visit. Then, the European traders used miniature trading cards for advertising purposes. Today, business cards also play a vital role in passing on technical knowledge and building lifelong ties. It has gone a long way since then, but here are the reasons why you still need business cards.

Business Cards Build A Trustworthy And Credible Profile.

A set of business card demonstrates that you get organized and that you want to be competent and make connections. It provides new friends with a clear record of who you are and how to get in touch, which is much easier than translating the information of someone onto a mobile device.

Business Cards Are A Crucial Material For Networking.

Online networking is becoming more and more popular, but it doesn’t mean that it replaces face-to-face networking. If you speak face-to-face with someone, no automated substitute will override the act of personally giving them something to inform them of the encounter. Granted, though business cards may get lost in their pocket or bag, digital information in their mailbox or schedule can be even easier to lose track of it. The use of these methods of networking increases your chances of staying in contact.

Lots Of People Are Still Awaiting Business Cards.

Those attending networking events expect a business card from you. Writing your email address mischievously on a napkin or sticky note will not make the first impression. At worst, this will label you as unprofessional as well as unprepared. For business cards, you can share vital information in no time with a potential customer or relation.

Business Cards Provide Your Target Audience With A Quick And Convenient Means Of Reaching You.

Business cards are just realistic. When you come across a potential connection and have no time to stop and talk, a business card will bridge that gap. Furthermore, you should leave cards at local businesses, where you can spot them and get in contact with future customers or leads.

Business Cards Are Available From Any Venue.

The great thing about business cards is that they are not dependent on technology to work in any way. If you’re going to attend a conference where the Internet connection isn’t great, you’d be able to exchange contact details with anyone because it doesn’t work with a QR code or your email app.

Business Cards Will Increase The Production Of Leads.

Business cards can help you make new customers win, but to do this effectively – it must be offering people something of value. Moreover, it will help you build credibility towards other people. Include information about your specific selling proposition (USP) on your product. It could be anything from a good company standing, tips and tricks, or a practical checklist. Think about the things that the rivals can’t offer men.

Business Cards Make Direct Marketing Simpler And Can Help To Boost Sales.

There is something to be said about face-to-face marketing in a world of SEO, PPC, email, and social media marketing. If you have a business card handy, prospective leads will likely remember your pitch more than a randomly placed digital advertisement or unsolicited email. It is a smart way to convert leads and boost sales, including a special offer or coupon code on the reverse.

Business Cards Will Make Your Mark Come Alive.

Business cards are extensions of your branding, whether personal or commercial. So, you should take the time to make sure that your card fits the professional identity of your business. Your card colors should match the colors used on your website, as well as other promotional materials. Give some thought about the fonts you’re using. Additionally, customize your card with a business tagline and a custom logo.

Business Cards Will Help You Get A Great Initial Impression And Help People Recognize You.

A high-quality business card would help make a great first impression for you and your company— with the emphasis on quality. Your business card must be an extension of your face. If your business card looks cheap on shoddy cardstock, it’s likely to work on you poorly. A well-designed business card printed on high-quality paper shows you care about your client.

You May Create Useful Connections And Professional Relationships.

If you are smart about the material that you use, business cards help your company look more real. It is an opportunity to make for people to reach you and give them something of interest, rather than just seeing the individual attached to the ordinarily faceless company. It makes business cards a practical starting point for building useful contacts and maintaining good connections.

They Are Compact, And You Can Pack Them Quickly.

Unlike other hard copy marketing materials such as brochures or fliers, a set of business cards are easy to carry, and a single business card is easy to maintain. A business card has a standard size of 3.5x 2 inches— the perfect size to slip into a wallet or pocket. It ensures that a possible contact may well hang up well into the future on your business card and get in touch later on.

It’s Wrong In Some Communities Not To Use Business Cards.

Some countries won’t take you seriously if you don’t have business cards to offer. While the exchanging of business cards is something of a global tradition, in some societies, if you don’t have one, you won’t just appear unprofessional, but you might also cause offense. For example, a  business relationship can not start in Japan until you have exchanged business cards.

Business Cards Are Powerful In Cost.

Similar to other marketing materials and promotional techniques. Business cards are a relatively affordable way to get yourself marketed.

You’re Always Ready To Make An Impact.

Visual card portability ensures you can take a package with you at any moment, not only when you are attending business conventions or networking events. You never know when a critical connection could come up with you. Whether you’re attending a reunion party, networking, or on holiday, having a business card or two in your back pocket can be a significant benefit. You’ll never know when you need them, right?

Final Words

Are you already convinced that business cards are still useful in today’s modern style? They never go out of style, but you must create a business card that would stand out. In everything that you do, always bring your A-game. If you are looking for business card printing in San Jose, Rose Garden Printing is what you need. Let us help you to make your every interaction more memorable.

We will help you design a set of professional and high-quality business cards at a price that your company can afford. There are a lot of printing companies out there, but no one would understand what you need but us. For more information, don’t think twice about reaching out to us. Rose Garden Printing understands how to use the right elements throughout your branding so that people can connect with you and your business.

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