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A sound business printing card is about combining the right colors and designs to convey the overall image of your business. We understand how hard it may be considering that most business cards would only measure about 2 inches by 3.5 inches. Before calling any printing company in San Jose, CA, make sure to read this article first to know the different business cards colors and design.

The color, texture of the paper, and the wordings play a crucial role when printing business cards. You have to make sure that it appeals and can convey the message that you want to portray. As much as possible, you want it straightforward and relevant to your business.

How can you express your message in a small space? What should you expect when working with a professional printing business in San Jose, CA? These are the questions that we want to answer. One of the best ways to attract people is through business cards colors and design. So, read on to learn more about the best colors for business cards.

What is the Importance of Business Card Printing?

According to a study, distributing custom business cards can increase a company’s sales by an average of 2.5 percent. However, these are custom business cards that are appealing and attractive. If you want to create a business card that converts into sales or leads, there are some things that you have to consider. A well-designed business card has a lot of benefits and can go a long way. Here are some importance of distributing well-designed business cards:

  • Make an amazing first impression
  • Promote in a cost-efficient way
  • Improve reputation

It is especially important to have business cards ready to go whenever you’re in a networking scenario. Also, giving someone a card is much easier than trying to get their amount or looking up at them on LinkedIn. It’s especially true when you just have to speak to them for a few seconds before they need to go forward.

What are the Best Business Cards Colors And Design?

The shade you choose is going to depend on a lot of factors, including the industry where you belong. As a local printing company in San Jose, California, we will be offering you some of the most popular colors to use when creating your business cards.

  • White. A business card in white is a blank canvas. It is the norm for many firms and is a conservative choice, which can be a good thing based on your profession and the type of people you regularly meet. You can also jazz up white business cards to make them even more enjoyable and enticing to younger audiences.
  • Black. Black is an intelligent option ideal for companies selling luxury or high-end products or services. The black color exudes control, and a well-designed black business card would certainly help people remember you well after the meeting is over.
  • Red. The color red for the business cards is not as usual. Nonetheless, if you want to get the attention of people and have them equate you with enthusiasm and commitment, it can be the right choice. A Red Business Card would undoubtedly help you leave a mark. 
  • Pink. This color speaks about tenderness, love, and comfort. When you care for a lot of female clients and want to reassure them that you are a caring and supportive person to work with, pink business cards might be a good option for you.
  • Orange. People relate the orange color to ingenuity, strength, and vitality. For those who operate in innovative, up-and-coming industries, orange business cards will help set you apart from the rivals and show the people you encounter that you’re a complete or fantastic new creative person.
  • Silver. If you want people to associate your brand and company with a feeling of elegance, Silver is another right color. It is a sleek, chic hue and perfect for those who work in the tech industry or other industrial businesses.
  • Gray. Silver and gray are identical in color. But when used in business card patterns, they have very different meanings. Gray for a business card is a much more conservative choice of color. It has a neutral tone and is close to white. It’s perfect for those who want to exude a feeling of authenticity and trustworthiness. Nonetheless, Grey helps to make the card stand out in another color.
  • Blue. A color blue is an excellent option for your business cards if you want people to associate you and your company with integrity and trustworthiness. Blue is a function of durability and accountability. It also exudes a feeling of peace and calmness.
  • Purple. If your company deals with natural or alternative health problems, purple may be the right choice of color for your business cards. The purple hue reflects the unity between soul and body to visions and imaginations. It has an ethereal aura to it that may resonate with people involved in your services.

What Makes a Business Card Printing Stand Out?

We’ve been mentioning that well-designed and straightforward business cards will always stand out of the competition. Nope, it’s not about having all colors and texts in one piece of small paper. However, a useful business card is about clean design and valuable content. In this part of the article, we will help you create custom business cards that will stand out to your target audience.

  1. Bump it up into a weight class. Research suggests that paper consistency or weight is making a difference. To leave a more profound impact and better represent your brand in paper form, choose a durable yet consistently stable paper stock, like super thick business cards. Remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity.
  2. Keep things personalized. Make sure that your personality comes through in the design of your card and allow room for personal touches that relate to who you are. Add a custom element to your cards by printing small batch cards.
  3. Think outside the box. The standard size of the business card is 3.5-by-2. Although there is something to say for the ease of keeping to industry standards, having slightly different size of the card will make the card stand out from the stack and get a second look. Many companies offer only slightly larger cards than the typical size, allowing you a small difference. When you feel bold, you can push the boundaries further; individual companies offer cards in full squares instead of the standard rectangles or create a mini-card.
  4. Make those essential changes. One simple way to stand out is by having a slight change that brings a slightly different look to your wallet, in-hand. Most business card companies offer rounded corners at little to no additional cost. Some also deliver contrast on the top, such as foil or elevated highlights with gloss.

What are Some Tips for Business Cards Printing Design?

One of the most important things that you should remember is your business cards colors and design. However, that isn’t the only thing that matters. A few other beneficial design suggestions to keep in mind are below.

  • Keep things simple. Don’t annoy your potential customers or business partners with mad style and lots of documents.
  • Choose the correct template. Make sure readability is clear.
  • Keep it realistic.
  • Use your branding as its base. Consider it the most essential element on the sheet.
  • Other vital information must be in your business cards like your name, description, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, and website links.
  • Verify that the typeface is easy to read, and use one to two colors only.
  • Always “double” double-check your business cards before printing to make sure that all details are correct. It is the most effective method to avoid wasting ink, paper, and time.
  • Make it usable. For example, you can use double-sided business cards to make them more efficient.

Do Double Sided Business Cards a Good Idea?

Nowadays, business cards come in all shapes and sizes, and it may be the number of sides that ultimately determine destiny. Will the client go for either a plain or a double-sided business card? This decision will influence the way others feel about your company. Here are the things that you should take into account when deciding either single or double.

  1. Industry. One thing you need to worry about is how much detail you’ll place on the sheet. It will differ according to many factors, and one of them is your company industry. You can use the other side of your business card to clarify your service or product, or it might be a tagline. 
  2. Purpose. You can hold a set of one-sided business cards and sell them to those who have the least chance of needing your products and services. One-sided cards help to keep the detail brief and concise while leaving room on the back for a customized message. On the other hand, double-sided cards would allow you to provide more information.
  3. Occasion. Single-sided cards help with note-taking and passing out a one-sided card that lets people jot down details on the other side about you or your company. On the other hand, double-sided cards will serve as a form of promotion if you just wish to promote the brand. If you’re at a trade fair, conference, or display, it would be more advantageous for the card to be two-sided.
  4. Storage. Many individuals can search the custom business cards and save the photos to a laptop or tablet. Some will even keep the photographs for quick and easy access to their computer. If that’s the case, one hand will beat two.
  5. Importance. You can hand out those single-sided printed business cards to some staff and two-sided cards to the CEO and executives. 
  6. Cost. Single-sided business cards need fewer expenses at your end, as you only pay to print the ink on the one hand, compared to two. Additional work involves creating a double-sided business card, so the costs are higher but not double that. Twice the amount of space, double the details you will put in, but the price is higher. 

Final Words

You need to make sure that you print business cards in the correct colors if you want them to stick out and help you make a great first impression. Keep these tips in mind when you start the process of creating a business card, and you will have a much easier time choosing the right colors for business cards.

Need more assistance with business cards colors and design? Would you like to partner with a top-notch printer to have your business cards scanned and ready for handing out? Whatever help you need, we’re here to provide it at Rose Garden Print. To read more about what we do or get started on your business cards, book a consultation now!

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